Since winning his first ever DJ Battle in 2002, DJ RNDM has been turning out the Boston music scene. Following the success of his first mix CD, RNDM performed at clubs and events in Boston, Montreal, NYC, LA and everyplace in between. His party rocking style uses the turntablist elements of mixing, scratching, juggling and blending records live on stage. These days RNDM has taken his performance to a whole new level by incorporating live video remixing into his act.

rndm blending it up:
"boston's own dj rndm, a young DJ who's been making waves with his expert blends of hip-hop and pop-rock-etc. though his aesthetic fits right into the current craze for mashups, his approach is quite different from--and more demanding than--all of us software-employing mashers. rndm creates live blends on two turntables, using a keen ear for harmonic combinations and some deft skills on the 1s and 2s. restricted to vinyl and technics/techniques, rndm forces himself to find songs that can be made to match without changing them too radically, a constraint that produces some really creative and compelling mixes. somehow rndm is able to recuperate even those classic-rock songs that we could all stand never to hear again, often by dropping some serious crunkness on top."

Previous Performances

4/6 - Whiskey Creek with DJ Rodney O, Mammoth Lakes, CA
4/9 - Whiskey Creek with DJ Rodney O, Mammoth Lakes, CA

4/24 - IFF Party, Sagra, Somerville MA
4/28 - The Good Life, Boston MA
7/19 - Beat Research, The Enormous Room, Cambridge MA
7/29 - Oxytocin, The Middle East, Cambridge MA
11/19 - Hard Rock Cafe, Boston MA

4/25 - IFF Party, Sagra, Somerville MA
5/4 - Boston Cyberarts Festival hosted by Beat Research at the Enormous Room, Somerville MA
6/8 - Oxytocin at the Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge MA
6/25 - Oxytocin at the Good Life, Boston MA
8/17 - Oxytocin at the Enormous Room, Cambridge MA
9/12 - Shake Em Down at the Milky Way, Jamaica Plain MA
10/30 - Thunderdome XV: Halloween, Boston MA
12/3 - 3December, Montreal Quebec Canada

1/7 - Bee Hive, Boston MA
4/27 - IFF Closing Party, Mantra, Boston MA
6/13 - "We'll Do It Live" Benefit, Pell-Chafee Center, Providence RI
9/18 - Hennessey Event, Breezeway, Roxbury MA
10/3 - RockBand2 Release Party, Hard Rock Cafe, Boston MA

2/3 - UV Protection CD Release - Art Interactive, Cambridge, MA
2/24 - Bang Camaro CD Release - The Paradise, Boston MA
5 /3 - SIM CD Release - Mass Art, Boston, MA
6/25 - Beat Research - The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA
7/21 - Superball8 - Los Angeles, CA
10/4 - Dynasty, Great Scott-Allston, MA
10/29 - Beat Research 'Halloween Mashacre III' - The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA
12/7 - Harmonix, Bee Hive, Boston, MA

1/6 - 'Special Blend Fridays' Somerville, MA
1/14 - McFaddens Boston, MA
1/25 - "GrimeTimeTV" Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
2/8 - Zuzu 'Free the DJ' Cambridge, MA
2/10 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
2/22 - 'Sex Tape' Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
2/26 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
3/10 - National Boston 'Gary Basemen Gallery'
3/10 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
3/16 - Zuzu, Cambridge, MA
3/26 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
4/14 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
4/20 - Aria, Boston, MA
5/8 - 'Beat Research' The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA
5/12 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
6/3 - Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA
6/9 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
7/12 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
8/9 - Middlesex Lounge, Cambridge, MA
9/16 - BPM, Brooklyn, NY with Eclectic Method
10/26 - 'Love During Wartime' Great Scott, Allston, MA
10/30 - Beat Research 'Halloween Mashacre II', The Enormous Room, Cambridge, MA
11/25 - 'Glitchgiving' Boston, MA
12/8 - Harmonix Night, Elephant Walk, Cambridge, MA
12/15 - National Boston, Brookline, MA
12/23 - Great Scott, Allston, MA
12/31 - New Years Eve with Bang Camaro, Middle East, Cambridge, MA

2/25 - Spectrum, Open Mic
3/24 - 'Strange Findings' Zuzu, Cambridge
4/21 - Eventworks Festival, Boston MA
4/28 - River Gods in Cambridge, MA
5/07 - 'Floralia' Conn. College, New London, CT
5/18 - Connecticut College, New London, CT
5/21 - 'Fulltime', Pozen Auditorium, Mass Art, Boston
6/03 - Mash Ave, The Independent, Union Sq. Somerville
6/10 - Mash Ave, Analog Blends vs. Digital Mash Ups by DJ BC
7/22 - 'Strange Findings' Coolidge Corner Theater Cambridge, MA
7/25 - The Enormous Room, Central Square, Cambridge, MA
9/16 - Boston University Central with DJ Cheap Cologne
10/28 - National Boston, Richard Borge Gallery Opening
10/31 - Beat Research 'Halloween Mashacre' Cambridge, MA
11/19 - WZBC 90.3FM 'Beyond the QE2' Newton, MA
12/8 - National Boston, Brookline MA
11/4 - 12/30 - 'Special Blend Fridays' The Independent, Somerville, MA

Jan - Spectrum, Phoenix Landing, Boston MA
Apr - Boston Marathon Fundraiser, DKNY, Boston MA
Jul - Beat Research, The Enormous Room, Cambridge
10/15 - National Boston Ten Second Film Festival
Dec - National Boston Holiday Festival
12/06 - Beat Research Night, The Enormous Room

Jan-Mar - Northeastern AfterHours, Boston MA
Mar - The Billiard's, Manchester NH
Apr - Milly's Tavern, Manchester NH
May - UNH, Durham NH
May - Connecticut College, CT
July-Oct - Ascari Nightclub, Boston MA
Nov - Bullmoose Records, Salem NH

June - Guitar Center DJ Battle, Danvers MA
June - BullMoose Records, Salem NH
July - Guitar Center Regionals, Cleveland OH
July - Matrix Nightclub, Boston, MA
Aug-Sep - Vision Nightclub, Saugus MA
Oct - Umass Amherst, Amherst MA