...this is (about) rndm

The idea for this CD began back in 2000 as a way to archive the collection of different turntable mixes I had been working on in the two years I had been DJing. Over the next four years, it evolved from straight minidisc line-in recordings into the packaged, mastered, multi-tracked recording it is today. The goal of this CD is still the same: it is a representation of my diverse musical influences and my live performance style.

Nearly all the mixes on the CD can be, and have always been, performed live on turntables using the artist's original vinyl. I multi-tracked the mixto keep the energy up in a way that is technically impossible with just two turntables. I wanted to clarify this because in this age of digital remixing and electronic "mash-ups", what I'm doing is actually blending two pieces of vinyl together live. Not to take anything away from digital artists -- I personally enjoy any music that is made from abstract sources and samples -- I just want to express my passion and technique for performing with vinyl live.

As for the content of the CD... well, all I can say is it's a funky genre-diverse mix made using the hip-hop turntablist techniques of mixing, juggling, and scratching with a bit of a random selection.


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